Seller Guide

Simply follow the steps below to begin your selling journey on Floop!

Step 1

Download Floop from App Store or Google Play Store, then tap on “Join Now”.

Step 2

Choose to sign up with Phone / Google / Facebook.

Step 3

Fill in the account information:

  • Your name
  • Username
  • Email address
  • Password
Step 4

Add profile image.

Once you have completed your sign up, you will have access to both the seller and buyer mode. If you’re a seller proceed to select the seller mode here:

Step 1

Go to seller mode, tap the “+” button. Choose “Add a product”.

Step 2

1. Verify your identity by taking an ID photo and selfie. Choose between a Private / Individual Seller or Business Seller.

2. Verify your phone number and fill in bank account information.

3. Select the appropriate categories for your product and upload product photos. You can upload up to 4 photos for your product.

4. Fill in the basic information:

  • Product Name (mandatory)
  • Description (mandatory)
  • Condition (optional)
  • Brand (mandatory)

5. Fill in the sales information:

  • Price (mandatory)
  • Stock (mandatory)
  • Variations (optional)
  • Set Shipping Fee

**Variations: A function that allows sellers to show multiple variation options (e.g. size and colour) of a product within the same listing.

6. Tap “Publish” to list your product.

Step 1

Go to seller mode, tap the “+” button. Choose “Go live”.

Step 2

1. Start your live stream by uploading a cover photo.

2. Fill in the basic information:

  • Title (mandatory)
  • Description (optional)

3. Select the appropriate categories for your product.

4. Turn on “Schedule for later” if you wish to schedule your live stream.

5. Turn on “Stream to Facebook” if you want to sync your live stream to Facebook

6. You can add up to 20 products for one stream.

7. You can find your upcoming stream or replay on your seller profile.

During the live stream

You can “Add more” products before and during live.

1. Tap “+” at the top right or icon at the bottom left and tap “Add more”. Select the products you want to add into the stream. Then, tap “Done”.

2. Tap “Show” to feature the product for your stream.

1. You can view and manage all your orders under My Orders page.

2. Orders that require shipping arrangements can be viewed under the To Ship tab. These orders consist of both processed and unprocessed orders.

3. Tap on “Ship Now” if the order has been shipped and key in the tracking number. The order will then be moved to the Shipped tab.

4. When buyers confirm that they have received the product by tapping on “Order Received” or 7 days after the order is shipped, the orders will be automatically moved to the Completed tab.

5. Any return/refund request can be viewed and managed under the Return/Refund tab and cancelled order will be under the Cancelled tab.

Overview of Stream and Sales Performance

1. Get an overview of your sales performance and orders based on key metrics, as well as your best-selling categories on the app sales dashboard.

2. You may also get a comprehensive overview of your sales trends, performances and manage products at

3. You can access different sets of data via the various tabs:

a. Stream Management 

    Get an overview of your Total Stream, Average Stream Time, Total Stream Time, as well as Category.

b. Product Management

    Create and manage products.

c. Order Management

    Understand the sales performance and get the details of each order.

d. Analytics

    Get a quick summary of your business based on key metrics.

e. Earning Report

    Get an overview of your payment summary.

1. Once payment is done, you will be notified to ship the order.

2. Orders can be completed by the buyer when they confirm that they have received the product by tapping on “Order Received” or 7 days after the order is shipped.

3. The payment will then be released to your default bank account every Wednesday.

Checkout our Seller FAQ for more information to sell on Floop.